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Lonely Together is back with remarkably progressive single 'Slow Burn'

flowsfordays - August 9, 2019

The group’s latest offering, Slow Burn, is the first track that has Rosie both singing and songwriting. Her heavenly vocals are much darker and sit atop a driving electronic beat incorporating elements of hip hop. The instrumental captures the emotional topic at hand, inspiring listeners to keep moving forward in the worst of times.

-Julie S., flowsfordays

Parke Ave Celebrates its First Birthday during Saturday Extravaganza

Parke Ave - January 26, 2019

"Even if I hadn’t known that the attendees consisted primarily of music artists and other creatives, I would have known something was different about the energy in the room; the collective creativity was palpable. I’m used to being surrounded by people dying to conform, but this crowd was eager to showcase their unique individuality, especially when it came to their music—something they took turns doing throughout the night. An eclectic mix of artists like Booboolala, Lonely Together, La Fonda, and Gypsy Temple (to name a few) lit up the room with their performances, and the crowd was so there for it."

-Laurel Jimenez, Parke Ave

Bellingham's Lonely Together Drops Chilling Trap-Soul Single- "No VVS"

Respect My Region - February 28, 2019

"The couple has a special mix of talents and authenticity that pushes the envelope of the genre. Lonely Together has treated their fans to an early release of their leading single, “No VVS.”

“No VVS” has a combination of Hip-Hop and R&B styles that perfectly intertwine with one another. Equipped with bone-chilling [guest] vocals from Tuesday Magee, and ZAK laying down precise bars over his own beat. The track was a real treat to my ears.

Lonely Together has a power-couple vibe that’s dope to see and hear. Considering hip-hop as a genre has largely favored the single life. “No VVS” is a perfect auditory affirmation that all you need is love."

-Kade Maijala, Respect My Region

Bellingham's Lonely Together releases new EP 'Neverlost'

The Seattleite - April 18, 2019

Seattleite: How would you describe your sound / music genre?

Lonely Together: Our sound is influenced by all types of music, drawing inspiration from Hip-Hop, R&B, Electronic/Trap & Alternative Rock music. We love ambient, atmospheric sounds and vocal samples. Our strength lies in finding a middle point to meet at between our different influences, and that is when we make some of our best stuff. We have completely different musical backgrounds, with Rosie gravitating more towards major chords & pop/folk music and ZAK being more of a fan of hip-hop/trap music & darker sounds, but that is what makes our sound so unique. You can really hear both of our influences in our music, and in some songs you can tell when one or the other of us took more of the lead to develop a certain type of sound.

-Jennifer Liu, The Seattleite

Lonely Together's 'Neverlost' EP Hits Home in Genre Melding Debut

Respect My Region - April 20, 2019

"The couple has had a crazy journey into the music world. Coming from two different musical backgrounds, the two joined forces last year to create something special. ZAK told me that this EP is a reflection of their journey together. The hard work to learn the ins-and-outs of music.

Upon first listen, Neverlost shows that their learning process was well worth the time. With a unique mix of styles, it’s a refreshing listen. Taking inspiration from hip-hop, electric, pop and more. Few artists or groups can mix genres together smoothly, but Lonely Together seems to have found the perfect in-between."

-Kade Maijala, Respect My Region

Lonely Together's Debut Album 'Neverlost' is an Essential Listen for all that Enjoy Music

flowsfordays - April 21, 2019

"Neverlost by Lonely Together is a perfect example of why I started flowsfordays. Looking at their SoundCloud page actually makes me furious and incredibly confused. How can such an AMAZING, TALENTED, UNIQUE and HARDWORKING group have under 100 followers and low play counts? The duo of ZAK & Rosie AKA Lonely Together have been putting out incredible genre-bending music for over a year now. I used to post ZAK as a solo artist, but through his personal journey and realizations he decided to start over and team up with his partner to make the music he’s always wanted to."

-Julie S., flowsfordays

Lonely Together Light a Fire to Warm Up the Fall Season with "Energy"

October 11, 2019

"The power couple’s unique genre-bending sound has captivated many in the upper left, and “Energy” continues to carry the torch but in an all-new way. So far their releases have featured darker undertones and subject matter. However, their newest single is a breath of fresh air to accompany the incoming cold seasons."

-Kade Majala, Respect My Region

Lonely Together Changes Moods in "Close To You"

September 23, 2020

"Starting the fall off with a phantom of summer, Lonely Together's “Close to You” hits an interesting mood. Low key enough to perfectly transition into October, and even November playlists, this is a versatile bop to share around. With a history of clean cloud sounds, Lonely Together has already proved themselves with thoughtful EDM."

-Karhlyle, Respect My Region

King 5 Evening News Feature

April 21, 2021

"Bellingham-based R&B/pop duo Lonely Together perform their original song "Where Do You Go" from their home studio."

-King 5 Evening News


October 4th, 2021

"The duo from Bellingham starts the song with the drums at full speed on the first beat. It has an almost deceptively upbeat feel to it, but once the bass and the wet guitar chords kick in, a very nostalgic feel becomes very apparent. Zack (aka SAFE TRVLS) and Rosie sing back and forth in flowing melodic lines floating on top of very soft, yet affirming vocal harmonies. Additionally, they sing of new, reciprocated love. This is a conversation of the first time they locked eyes."

-Jase Winduu, Respect My region