Bringing the Lonely Together through music

About 1,000 Monthly Listeners on Spotify | 85,000+ Streams on Spotify | 1,300 Followers on IG & 1,200 on Tik-Tok.

Featured on KING 5 Evening Magazine, KUBE 93.3, Respect My Region, The Seattleite & more.

Lonely Together is a Pop/R&B duo based in Bellingham, Washington, that reaches listeners with their addictively catchy melodies, genre-blending sound & all-inclusive message. Recommended for fans of artists like THEY., Blackbear & Khalid. SAFE TRVLS, is the lead vocalist & producer/engineer of the duo, while Rosie is a Keyboardist, songwriter & vocalist in the duo.

Lonely Together is drawn to live instruments, frequently utilizing piano, guitar, strings, mallets, and woodwinds to give listeners sounds of familiarity and nostalgia, with sounds from downtempo R&B and Hip-Hop to Electro Pop. Even in this connected world, we all experience loneliness and rejection, so their goal is to uplift & bring the Lonely Together through music.